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Discussion on: Ripping out hibernate and going native JDBC

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Chris Wood

OMG I have felt this way for years now about a lot of orms, well the 3 I have used (Django was another), but hibernate combined with spring plus jersey plus jax-rs plus javax.servlet 1.19 oh wait now I have to use 2.2, plus jetty for local but not jetty 8 because I had to switch to java 1.8 for something and so now I need jetty 9.2 but oh oops you arent using intellij jetty-runner I hope pal! There some bug so upgrade to 9.4 but then oh wait servlet standard 2.0 isn't working now in jetty, better say f-it and just ftp war file to aws instance oh thats better but then ohno wait now I have java 9 code from something wtf is osgi? wtf is asm? wtf is any of these 100s of dependencies???- thats a load of misery there, and then I really hope you didn't run this on wsl on windows because work makes you use windows and then you are running a windows intellij and a linux-kindof maven, OOPS!, and then I really hope you didn't have to wait until the last minute to upgrade the super old spring versions and swagger that your old boss who quit put in, and then someone upgraded bamboo to maven 3 and everything broke, and ......
it goes on from there. I am up at 3am for the 3rd week in a row trying to get this mess straightened out. It's a nightmare. This article gave me my first laugh in a week :D thank you and sorry for the rant

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Jilles van Gurp Author

Hehe, I call this frustration driven development. First you get mad, then you fix it, and then you fix it properly. I recognize several of the things you are getting frustrated about (jersey is indeed a mess of dependencies). Tip, have less of that in your life and you'll feel better. In the case above, drop hibernate and it goes away. There's nothing it does that I need or miss in my life.