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Christian Vasquez
Christian Vasquez

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Stop Waiting for It

"What the heck, Chris? Who you talking about?" - Totally Not You.

Elementary, my dear Watson.


Everyone likes it. Yet, it keeps giving us all the same treatment.

It doesn't have friends or family.

It might be with you for a few seconds, minutes or hours. But not more than that.

So... why are you waiting for it?

Why do you keep being loyal to it?

Yes, you might feel powerful when you have it. But you know it won't last long.

"Okay, Chris. What's your point?" - Also Not You.

The idea behind this post comes from a quote a friend of mine shared with me a few days ago, and although he doesn't remember who or where he got it from, it goes like this:

"Motivation is for fools. Successful people are those who do what has to be done, no matter if they feel like doing it or not". - Someone Somewhere

And with this I would like to give you just one advice:

"Read the title one more time." - Finally we know who said this.

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Sócrates Díaz


jerodsanto profile image
Jerod Santo

Reminds me of an excellent post by Kate Matsudaira that I read just this morning:

How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It

jochemstoel profile image
Jochem Stoel

He's right. Also don't try to understand it.

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