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Christopher Kade
Christopher Kade

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Introducing Food Picker, the best way to pick what to eat with your colleagues !

It's lunchtime, you look up from your monitor and meet your colleague's gaze, they whisper: sushi, you whisper back: no way Jose.

You then share with them a link to Food Picker, and both select what you'd like to eat and BAM, an accord was reached: pizza.

This could be you if you used Food Picker with your team, no more debating where to eat, no more tears and anger, only food.

Food picker screenshot

I hope some of you actually find this useful, otherwise here are some other projects I did recently:

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If you like it, feel free to give it a ⭐️ right here!

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steakdeniche profile image
Joffrey Da Rocha

I really like the idea, it's pretty cool but is it really relevant to be able to choose between a strawberry and an apple by example. I know it's a matter of emojis but I was wondering why you decided to give users so much choices ?

Btw really good job, I'm gonna show your work to my team !

colinbethea profile image
Colin Bethea

Really like it! Easy to use, could also see using it with family and friends.

For usability I think maybe adding small text tags under the foods on hover could be useful (some emojis are clearer than others).

That being said, good job! 🚀

oelsons profile image

Really cool!

I noticed it's not 4 options, but 4 votes. Which makes sense, you can select the same 4 times to 'want more'.
There could be some UI thing to show how many times you voted something, just a number, or color, or a bar filling, etc...

Anyway I'll show it to my team :D

dana94 profile image
Dana Ottaviani

Great graphics! I like the color scheme.

christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

Thank you Dana 😄

jaloplo profile image
Jaime López

Nice app!!! Looks so simple, clear and kinda useful for teams. I will try it at home and, of course, with my teammates. Congrats!!!

christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

Thanks Jaime !

jsardev profile image
Jakub Sarnowski

I can't deselect what I've selected :(

bergermarko profile image
Marko Berger

Nice, our food place just closed and we are out of ideas about what to eat.

tobiaskro profile image
Tobias Kromberg