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Christopher Kade
Christopher Kade

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Introducing a banner generator for your articles on DEV

I've been struggling to find nice pictures for my articles on DEV (and ones that I'm allowed to use in fact). So I figured I'd make a quick banner generator for simple & straight to the point banners.



All you have to do is:

  • Edit your own banner
  • Download it
  • Upload it to DEV in order to get a URL


You can upload your images by simply clicking the bottom on the bottom left of your article editor !

  • Add the cover_image attribute in the metadata of your articles with the URL you got from the last step

And that's it !

Even though its main feature is finished, I'll try to add the following in the coming days:

  • More themes
  • Reduced file size
  • Any other recommendations in the comments

I really hope some of you get to use it as much as I will πŸ˜„


Contribution guidelines & a code of conduct have been added to the project alongside some first enhancements ideas for those who would like to partake in making this tool even better. πŸ˜„

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georgecoldham profile image
George • Edited

My suggestions, although there is nothing wrong with this, just if you want more for your project!

  • Text size slider as well as number
  • Color pickers for text and background
  • Option to add an image as the background
  • Random background image/style/pattern generator
christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

Love the suggestions ! Thanks for your input, I'm noting them down so I don't forget anything

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas
christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

Liyas, these are currently being worked on by members of the community as you can see here.

The color pickers and the random generation have already been added and other features are in the works. :)

finallynero profile image
Nero Adaware

This is awesome

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Super cool! I agree with all the suggestions. Maybe we could all put some work into this and once it's really polished we could link to it or fold it in to the main editor in some way. πŸ™‚

One thing of note: Our image is 1000x420, but, so a little wider than a 2x1 "social image", so the edges get clipped. You may want to make it so the text can't extend too far to the edges of the image, so it will show up properly in both scenarios.

christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

I'm glad you like it Ben ! We could definitely set up some contribution guidelines and a small roadmap.

Understood, glad you're telling me this as I noticed this problem on the Twitter preview image.

andy profile image
Andy Zhao (he/him)

This is awesome! Love how you styled the button too!

coreyja profile image
Corey Alexander

Bookmarking this for my next post! This is great!

devarjunan profile image

Great stuff :)

kendalmintcode profile image
Rob Kendal {{β˜•}}

This is really cool! I've been using Canva so I have templates set up for those, but this is really really handy, awesome work!

maxwell_dev profile image
Max Antonucci

This will definitely help a lot of posters, thank you!

One suggestion I'd make is including a service like UnSplash for finding different banner images right from It's open source and has lots of good options, and I believe the Notion app already has a working example of searching through its images in a GUI.

I'm obviously partial to including an open-source anime image search, but that may have too narrow an audience to justify haha

briwa profile image

This is super! Thanks a lot. I would never have thought about this!

yogeswaran79 profile image

This is awesome!

silvestricodes profile image
Jonathan Silvestri

Sir...I have been struggling so badly with making them myself.

Thank you so much

coreyja profile image
Corey Alexander • Edited

Is this open sourced so we all could poke around and help out with some of the ideas and suggestions that are in this thread?

EDIT: I ask before clicking through and seeing the nice GitHub corner banner πŸ˜†
Link for the lazy like me:

valentindududu profile image
Valentin D.

Good work Christopher !

christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

Thanks Val !

andypiper profile image
Andy Piper

Really like this - excited to see how it evolves!

flrnd profile image
Florian Rand

Wow christpher this is pretty cool!