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Making The Best Use of DevTools

It has come to my attention that some developers out there do not know of certain DevTools features that exist, and I wish to bring these features to the limelight for the convenience of others as well as myself. I am new to DevTools so I also want to jot these down as a point of reference.

Inspect Popups on Hover

  • Certain elements cannot be seen via "inspect element" such as tooltips.
  • Inspect element that contains such popup.
  • Open the Styles pane, click :hov, then Emulate a focused page. Use logpoints
  • Debugging with console.log.
  • Effective method to debug a production code. Chromium Browsers:
  • Open scripts in sources panel.
  • Select "Add logpoint" option after right clicking the desired line.

Emulate foldable devices

  • Responsive Web Development Chromium Browsers:
  • Go to Device Emulation mode
  • Select a foldable device
  • Toggle portrait & landscape, or single-screen and dual-screen mode from the toolbar to adjust your site accordingly.

Autocomplete styles

  • DevTools is designed to suggest the closest-matching property pair to values.

Color formats

  • Holding the Shift key and clicking the color preview box allows you to cycle through various color formats such as hex, rgb, hsl, and hwb. Chromium & Safari browsers:
  • Safari allows you to change the color format to display-p3.
  • A white line is then displayed to show the edge of sRGB.
  • As a failsafe, one can right-click on the color box and select “Clamp to sRGB” to use the closest available color in the sRGB space.

This post was heavily inspired from:
Parashar, P. (2024, April 5) DevTools Tips & Tricks Retrieved from: []

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