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Framework vs. skeleton. Your move as a #codenewbie

Christophe N. El-Khoury
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I've been reading a lot of articles advising newbies about how to start their dev career. Some articles advise for frameworks such as Angular and React, others advise for going native and learning the language itself (e.g. JavaScrtipt, TypeScript).

What do you experts think?

In my opinion, learning the fundamentals of any language is always preferred over digging right into the framework itself.

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Oryan Moshe

I think that for a new dev searching for a job, the right course of action is to learn a framework (in my opinion React is superior, but it doesn't really matter)
Knowing the internals of the language you're developing it is super important, it's the kind of thing that'll take you from 3 to 8, but it's not the first priority for someone looking for a job.

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Christophe N. El-Khoury Author

Thorough yet quite descriptive. I love this answer and I couldn't agree more!