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What is technical debt?

I am an agile enthusiast, clean code connoisseur & testing aficionado
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In a sentence:

Anything about your code and development environment that slows you down.

Other points about technical debt

  • unclear, unreadable code
  • lack of
    • test automation
    • build automation
    • deployment automation
    • and anything else that could be automated but you do manually today
  • duplicate code
  • tangled architecture and unnecessarily complex dependencies
  • slow, ineffective tools
  • uncommitted code and long-lived branches (hides problems that will slow you down later)
  • important technical documentation that is missing or out-of-date
  • unnecessary technical documentation that is being maintained and kept up-to-date
  • lack of test environments
  • long build-test cycle and lack of continuous integration

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Genial descripción!

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Christian Author

¡Gracias! 😄

Notes from a few years ago, especially from and its related sources!

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I really like Martin Fowler. Nice share.