What's the deal with RSS feeds?

chrisrhymes profile image C.S. Rhymes ・1 min read

My blog generates an RSS feed but I haven't really done anything with it and was wondering if I am missing out on opportunities to help promote my blog?

The only time I have used it is to connect it to dev.to to automatically add articles.

RSS feeds seems to have been around for a long time, but do people still use them and what benefits have you found from them?


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I certainly felt the hooked effect with Reddit and ultimately other similar sites (HN) where one just aimlessly scrolls and clicks sometimes over and over the same content. The productive hours just wasted. Using a news aggregator with RSS feeds eliminated this for me. I tend to find new content doesn't drip through quickly enough meaning I'm less likely to open the aggregator as there's no "reward". If there is, it'll be a hand full of articles that can quickly be decided on if of interest and no hunting for that kick.


I agree, I also find myself looking through different social networks and seeing the same content repeated.


I personally still use RSS feeds through inoreader. Some blogs have awesome content and even though I mostly follow their authors on social media, I prefer to have a dedicated channel for this. There's just too much noise on social media and them announcing their newest, awesome blog post often gets lost within all the other interactions.

And looking at a twitter poll by Sara Soueidan I don't seem to be the only one still using it:

(Also apparently twitter embeds don't show the poll, so you'll have to click it and check on twitter)


That’s a great example of using RSS feeds. It will be interesting to see the result of the poll!


I work and use SharePoint and RSS is really handly. However, most of my customers don't know or care about RSS. So if it is about popularity, then RSS is not popular.


Sounds like there are still specific use cases for RSS, just need to provide some guidance as to the benefits to encourage people to use them


In sharepoint, we call it evangelization and it's part of the job.


but some customers don't want to change.


I was looking for articles about rss and they all seemed to be about 7 or 8 years old. I guess Google stopping their RSS reader meant people stopped writing about RSS