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How NOT to make a Website featured in net magazine

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I have some exciting news to share! My book, ‘How NOT to make a Website’, was featured in the June 2020 edition of net magazine as the Side Project of the Month.

I wrote a book called “How NOT to make a Website”, to help you know what to avoid when making a website, helping improve visitor experience.

The article explains why and how I wrote the book, the drawings and what I learned in the process.

The decision to publish the book has increased my confidence in my own writing abilities

It made me think back over the chain of events from building my own website to help promote the books, to building an open source Jekyll theme and now writing blog posts and short stories.

It’s amazing what one side project can lead to.

‘How NOT to make a Website’ is available on Amazon in both kindle & paperback format, as well as PDF format on Gumroad.

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