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Discussion on: Should you follow a tutorial about a specific topic and implement it into your project? 🤔

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Christian Lutz Author

Thanks for your comment. 👍🏻
I got it.
Copying (if allowed) what you need and then expand as you need it is better than writing everything on your own because the result matters more.

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Vuild • Edited on

You're welcome.

It's a bit like a Chef, you can get hung up on 13 course meals that the customer doesn't even like but a tiny bunch of snobs praise you for or you can deliver 10,000 meals a day to hungry workers but seem useless. It depends what you are looking for in terms of results or career too.


  • Make your own CMS & not publish much but have a small audience of devs who think what you do is cool.
  • Take WP, install, publish some tips, promote & influence more people.
  • Spend years refining one thing.

I do a combination of whatever is needed, I don't really think one is better than the other. For example, on my site I made my own share buttons because I don't want the privacy violations or slowness that all other options offer. I used the WP vanilla theme & customized instead of write one from scratch.

I work this way:

  1. Desired result (enhanced performance, control & privacy share btns, no plugins).
  2. Best way to achieve it (look at options, decide I need to write a better one or use someone else's that meets my needs. I did a bit of both - it's still copying stackx or whatever).

CSS customizable in-theme inline SVG share icons on posts that do not notify the service provider (twit/fb etc) of every visitor to the post (no embed, nice privacy for all) or slow things down (the fb btn is heavier than the sites I build). At the moment it has no share count (also solvable easily while private) but I am taking off social icons everywhere for the most part so I probably won't update it.

Effort? Slightly more than grabbing the regular code or using an existing plugin but I use it many times & it is much faster (paste into new theme & go, no updates, downloads, code inspection etc). Now it is a tool in my toolbox (they add up over time).

  • The end result is exactly what I want for my users, which is the goal.
  • Time-wise I am up already. Cost/resource wise (this matters, because most failure is misplaced resources).
  • Industry respect, don't care. They all use those bad options but praise each other. People who are willing to do what they want against the crowd are always more interesting.
  • Worry, none, too busy implementing something else. Can't even remember that other thing that well anymore as long if I chose well.

Good code changes a lot. Bad code doesn't. How likely is V1-2 to be good?

My advice is do it the way you think is right (but know why). That's how we got exactly where we are today.