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Your thoughts on a frontend code generator for headless ecommerce?

Lead JS full-stack engineer and co-owner of GlueCodes
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Hey guys, I have a question to those who specialise in ecommerce, especially WooCommerce.


I have been developing a sort of online code editor which organises and simplifies writing reactive web apps. Without self-promo bullshitting, literally with HTML, CSS, and nicely modularised JS, you can write custom apps that you would with React, Vue or Angular. It is just simpler, and it does not require a local environment since it is a multi-tab browser app with a live preview that is made to work smoothly on multiple monitors.

Anyway, that is a context before I ask the real question. And the question is to help me, and my teammates to determine our roadmap. Bear in mind I am not selling anything to you, just asking for your opinion. OK, here we go!


  • You could load one of large, flexible templates and tweak it by editing well organised HTML and CSS, and building custom pages by inserting widgets with a single click. All the widgets are fully interactive e.g. after inserting a cart, it just magically works, and it meets the modern web standards e.g. it does not require full page reload when adding a product.
  • You have a headless backend with a dashboard that provides features like you have in WooCommerce. And it does not have ridiculous product limits and it is free as long as you host it yourself.
  • You could connect to the backend by changing a couple of settings or choose you own API endpoints.
  • You could export your project to a static website with minified JS and CSS.
  • It provides a great page-load time.
  • It is free as long as you do not need premium features.

Would you consider using this tool instead of WooCommerce or other ecommerce platform?

If you are intrigued by the idea you can visit to test the tool with our existing, rather rough examples.

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