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No, I don't develop another JS framework!

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Background story

For the past 9 months I've been developing an online IDE + JS framework to code frontend faster and with no boilerplate setup.

Imagine you can quickly prototype UI with HTML, add few attribute directives and boom! πŸ’£ You didn't touch JavaScript yet but you already have a working app. Actions are generated and they use data you wrote in HTML. E.g. what you have in your LI tags becomes an action which returns an array of objects. When you're done with coding, you can download stand-alone code, run docker-compose up and you can keep changing it as you wish. It uses Webpack, Babel and all other open source goodies.

So, is it still just another JS framework?! - judge it your self.

You can find more here: www.glue.codes where you can try a demo without giving away any of your details.

Here is the framework repo: https://github.com/gluecodes/gluecodes-framework.

Interactive demos

Here are this week's demos which include comments presenting different parts of the IDE/framework:

Asking for help

Can you give me some feedback and if you like it, follow my social media and help spreading details about the project or talk to me if you'd wish to contribute. Apologies for those who interpret my recent articles as repetitive self-promoting. I'm just trying to get to developers as I really believe it'll make our frontend lives more enjoyable! πŸ˜‰

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