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Download scalable code right from "a kida CodePen on steroids" – new release!

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I have something exciting for you. But first some background for whose who don't follow me yet 😃.

Imagine you can quickly prototype UI with HTML, add few attribute directives and boom! 💣 You didn't touch JavaScript yet but you already have a working app. Actions are generated and they use data you wrote in HTML. E.g. what you have in your LI tags becomes an action which returns an array of objects. When you're done with coding, you can download stand-alone code, run docker-compose up and you can keep changing it as you wish. It uses Webpack, Babel and all other open source goodies.

Well, you don't have to imagine it – it's happening! You can try it out here: demo. It's a show case implementation of TodoMVC app.

How to download

What you'll see is a simplified frontend development environment which takes loads of self-discipline off you when delivering production web apps. It lets you focus on writing UI, mocks actions as you type and tells you which need to be implemented e.g. to pull data from an API. Under the hood it uses Virtual DOM and simple uni-directional state management, so w're not talking spaghetti code.

Even though it's still a prototype, it'll give you the taste of what we're trying to achieve. These are some of the benefits:

  • clean, scalable code
  • faster and simpler prototyping
  • multi-lingual-ready out of the box
  • built-in prerendering for better SEO
  • fast-loading pages

There is much more to come. As we want this tool to be "fully battery charged", there will be components which you'll be able to simply inject into code, desktop version of the IDE and many more.

In the future posts, I'll be explaining the generated code-base in more details.

If you like it and want to help, give me ❤️ or 🦄, follow me here on dev.to and twitter. Give this repo a ⭐ so we're visible on GitHub. For more info visit this website.

Wanna contribute but don't know where to start? – email me: chris@glue.codes.

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