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Milvus Adventures December 1, 2023

Advent of Code

We are celebrating 25 different open source projects during the Advent of Code this month! You can earn points all month long for a chance to win an exclusive swag pack from Zilliz and the participating projects! It’s a great chance to learn new skills and have some winter fun. Today is the first day and we are featuring Milvus! You can join us in our Discord channel or check us out on GitHub! We'd love a ⭐ from you!


Join us at our next one in San Francisco is on Jan 16, 2024. Please register early because they fill up fast! We will be joined by


Natural Language Processing (NLP)



Getting Started with a Milvus Connection
Milvus has four SDKs: Go, Java, Python, React, and Ruby. In this blog, we’ll show steps for Python.

Building an Open Source Chatbot Using LangChain and Milvus in Under 5 Minutes
This tutoial uses a completely open-source RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) stack with LangChain to answer questions about Milvus using our product documentation web pages.


Frank's RedHot Takes


Akcio: Enhancing LLM-Powered ChatBot with CVP Stack A full chatbot app all open-source for you to try out for your self!

GPT Cache. GPTCache is an open-source tool designed to improve the efficiency and speed of GPT-based applications by implementing a cache to store the responses generated by language models.

VectorDBBench. VectorDBBench is an open-source benchmarking tool to help you evaluate the performance of mainstream vector databases and cloud services with yoru specific use case.

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