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Milvus Adventures

October 20, 2023


Hacktoberfest is still happening and we recently added a few more first issues for anyone from the Rust community!


Join us at one of our Unstructured Data Meetups!

Build something cool with Milvus at one of these Hackathons we are supporting!

  • CalHacks πŸ»πŸ§Έβ€” October 27-29
  • HackNC πŸ‘» β€” October 28-29



LangChain & Milvus

LlamaIndex & Milvus


Using AI to Find Your Celebrity Stylist. In this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize a fine-tuned model to segment clothing in images. You will then crop out each labeled article and resize the images to the same size. Finally, store the embeddings generated from those images in Milvus, an open-source vector database.

Build Semantic Search on your ZenDesk tickets. In this tutorial, you will learn hot to conduct Semantic Search on ZenDesk tickets with Airbyte, Streamlit, and of course Milvus as our vector store. Start Now.


LangChain & Milvus

LlamaIndex & Milvus


Milvus Vector Database. Milvus is an open source vector database used to store, index, and manage massive embedding vectors generated by deep neural networks and other machine learning (ML) models.

GPT Cache. GPTCache is an open-source tool designed to improve the efficiency and speed of GPT-based applications by implementing a cache to store the responses generated by language models.

VectorDBBench. VectorDBBench is an open-source benchmarking tool to help you evaluate the performance of mainstream vector databases and cloud services with yoru specific use case.

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