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Job Interview -> Show me your skills or solve this algorithm?

When it comes to technical interviews, there are a variety of different methods that companies deliver these interviews to see your skills.

Which do you prefer, and why?

Show me your skills

In this interview style, the interviewer simply asks, show me what you can do. The interviewee should then create a small app or site that's functional and free of bugs.

Solve this algorithm

In this interview style, the interviewer gives you a set challenge and asks you to solve it and analyzes your code performance on the Big O scale.

My Opinion

I prefer the Show me your skills. This allows technical freedom to use any technology and just build something. This helps showcase your talents such as styling, componentization, functional code, code structure, etc. As a hiring manager, I learn more from watching the interviewee perform at their natural ability than if the remembered the memoization method for solving an algorithm without recursion.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee. Discuss...

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