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Tips for Organizing React Projects

This was originally posted as a twitter thread:

There is no One Way

React is a library that intentionally doesn't provide guidance about how to structure your project - and that can be really confusing for developers.

While there are no hard and fast rules however, there are some best practices - so here are 10 tips about how to structure your React projects.


First, and above all else: do what works for you and your team

There is a lot of advice out there, and much of it conflicts

Don't feel anxiety about not doing it "the right way"

If it works for you and your team - then that is the "right way"


That said:

Keep all of your components and related code in a src folder

The other folder at the top level should be public with static assets

Images that you are going to import inside of components should be in src, not public

Alt Text


Shared components go in a folder called components or shared

Inside of components, group files by function; e.g., have a folder for form components, one for user components, etc

Alt Text


Don't prematurely optimize though!

At the start it's fine to just dump all the components into the same folder. Clean it up later when you have a better idea of what your app looks like.

That includes having multiple components per file... that's OK! If you don't like it later - clean it up then.

Alt Text


Keep entire pages (route endpoints) in a folder called pages or screens (for React Native)

Inside of that, group files per page in folders

Name the main component either index.js or MyPageXYZ.js

(I like MyPageXYZ.js because I don't like having 100 index.js files - but it does make for more complicated imports)

Alt Text


If a file's default export is a React component, capitalize that filename like the component itself

That's a signal to other devs that a component is being exported

Alt Text


Use absolute imports!

Instead of:

import MyComponent from '../../components/pages/MyComponent'

set up absolute imports and turn it into:

import MyComponent from 'pages/MyComponent'

Much nicer! 🎉

Here's the docs:


I like either css-in-js, or keeping css files next to the component they're used in

Centralizing css files in a stylesheets folder doesn't feel great to me anymore, but your mileage may vary - do what feels best


Have a lib or utils folder for the random js helper functions that inevitably get created.

If you don't start with one, those functions get peppered throughout your code and make it hard to share and find

Alt Text


If using redux you can have separate actions, reducers, etc folders (that's how I do it)


Keep it in a redux folder (sometimes called the "ducks" pattern)

Either way is fine

Either way, I do highly recommend Redux toolkit though:


These are all just my opinions!

Others will probably come and disagree because they've found something that works better for them - and that's awesome;

Find what works for you, and use that 🙌


Thanks for reading! If you liked this post:

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nasidulislam profile image
Nasidul Islam

Great tips ! However, I want to say, about codebase file structure, I think its best to find out what works for you early on in your career and stick to that --- regardless of the size of the project. This makes navigating around files a muscle memory action for you and also, later when the codebase starts to get complicated, it can be a hassle to re-organize everything and have everything regression tested.

apiwonska profile image
Anna Piwońska • Edited

What a pity that I haven't seen this before! I spent too much time figuring out how to organize my react project. Anyway I came to almost identical solution like you describe. Except I didn't know absolute imports. Thanks for reassuring me and showing absolute imports! Very helpful!

raisaugat profile image
Saugat Rai

This is exactly the folder pattern that we are using in one of our project. It's much simpler and manageable. You're right about the css one. Having the css file in the same component folder where it is use is pretty much easier.

pandaa880 profile image
Prashant Chaudhari

I am glad that i was already following 80% of what you mentioned. I learned that from a project repo of Kent C Dodds and it has been super useful till now.

This is pretty solid structure.

masharsamue profile image
Samuel Mashar

great tutorial I think it would have been even better if you went along with a simple project. Great explaining though

totally_waqas profile image

Great tips. Btw to add to no. 7, I prefer not using default exports for these reasons.

chrisachard profile image
Chris Achard

Ah interesting post - thanks!

muhammadawaisshaikh profile image
Muhammad Awais


dferdian19 profile image
Dipa Ferdian

Thanks @chriz Achard, you teaching to easier learn with concept 🥰

piratex profile image
Chhay Toch

Love you so much !!

rajtslegr profile image
Petr Rajtslegr

Great one! Thanks!