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Chorally: new design for the user interface

Davide Santangelo
team lead developer - dad. APIs specialist, In love with #ruby, #rails and #python - developer at @getchorally
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Creating an innovative service means carrying out a constant work of improvement and updating, in order to present a product always in line with market demands.

For this reason, we have decided to remake the look and to make a restyling of the graphical interface of Chorally in order to allow our customers to take full and, above all, in the easiest possible way the functionality of our platform.

In fact, this last point has become our priority: to simplify all the actions for an intuitive, simple and fast user experience.

Chorally, Customer Engagement Platform

Chorally is a Customer Engagement SaaS platform, designed for the effective management of social and digital channels and for web listening and social media monitoring activities.
Based on machine learning and semantic analysis technologies, it is able to effectively connect the main digital sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Store, Google My Business, email, proprietary chat, simplifying multi-channel management and allowing a unique and complete customer view.

With Chorally you can manage fast and omnichannel customer service (public and private), engagement and post scheduling, data analysis and monitoring and create detailed reports.

Restyling graphical user interface Chorally

By setting ourselves the goal of optimizing the platform as much as possible, we tried to create a new interaction between person and platform that would be meaningful and positive for the user, intervening in some cases not only on the design but also increasing the functionality.

Here, then, are our latest innovations.

New Navigation


The new general menu, moved to the left, has allowed us to leave more vertical space for the contents. In addition, the sidebar, with a pop-up section menu, maximizes the horizontal space making the view cleaner and more intuitive.

Preview with “pop-up multi ticket”


Each window is a world of its own: through the tabs, we reorganized the contents to better and faster identify all the most important information: dialogue section, user profile detail, ticket detail and chat history.

New interface of the general search module

To improve the new search module we have focused on a clear and intuitive restyling, with easier identification of the parameters to use.


Monitor and Social Analytics

Finally, the monitor and social analytics are the aspects on which we have focused all our attention. The design is fresher and more dynamic, through a flat graphic style, and the reports are easily intelligible.


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