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What is Next Item after Terraform?

The transition to the cloud-native era is reshaping today's IT landscape. Consequently, enterprises are adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, utilizing multiple cloud platforms and on-premises infrastructure rather than relying solely on a single cloud platform. To manage and optimize this complexity, integrated tools and platforms are necessary.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform are incredibly useful for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure. However, in cloud-native environments, management extends beyond infrastructure operations to include areas such as application deployment, monitoring, security, and regulatory compliance. For this reason, enterprises are looking beyond simply provisioning infrastructure and are adopting Multi-Cloud Management Platforms (MCMPs) and similar tools to comprehensively manage and optimize both cloud infrastructure and applications.

IBM's acquisition of Terraform reflects these market trends. It is expected that IBM will leverage Terraform's capabilities to develop and integrate multi-cloud management platforms. While Terraform will continue to play a significant role in creating and managing infrastructure, integration with tools like MCMPs will be necessary in cloud-native environments.

Therefore, in the future of cloud management, tools like Terraform and MCMPs are expected to be used together to effectively manage both cloud infrastructure and applications.

One of the best combination with Terraform will be Cloudforet, An open-source LinuxFoundation Project.

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