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Learning Japanese: My Tricks

Don’t worry, I translated the title!

Since many years, I started learning Japanese at school, It was a fail for me because I didn’t practice it and I forgot everything. Then every time I retry, It becomes hard to me until I found the best practice to learn it.

First, I installed this application.

Hiragana pro

Hiragana Pro

This is thanks to the application Hiragana Pro. Its purpose is to show you the letters randomly from the beginning until you can memorize them.

Obviously it takes time. That’s why I took it as a challenge.

After learning all Hiragana caracters, we have to learn Katakana too, because these letters are used to write our names, and the international things for exemple : “コンピューター” (Computer)

It’s not easy as we thought but after a while I start to take interest in Kanji.

… And this is a hardest things I’m trying to resolve.

The Kanjis are not letters but rather a meaning. A meaning that The Japanese use to define the sense of the sentence and at the same time they pronounce Kanjis as Chinese.

My first Kanji I learned is 私. it is (Watashi == ‘I’) but in a way too polite. We use 私 as the beginning of the sentence to indicate that the subject is the “me”.

I am a student

That’s it.

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