Which dev.to loading GIF do you prefer?

Chris Dermody on August 01, 2019

So I've gone ahead and made some dev.to loading gifs based on the logo. Which one's your favourite? This large gif is a bit choppy - see the actua... [Read Full]
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Pulse 1 or 2 definitely.

The others are animated with sudden stops or are cramped with too much going on imho.

They all look nice tho. :)


Agreed 100%, with a preference for Pulse 1 because Pulse 2's animation seems too quick.


Yep I agree actually. I thought I'd like the npm one more cos its clever. But as an actual loading icon the pulse is cleaner and simpler...


If there is one thing I've learned in my years of development work it's that clever is rarely a good thing.


The first one is the one that I like the most!

Great work with all of them, but this one attracted my attention the most 😊

I like the idea of creation such a loading animation, maybe you can propose this via a github pull request.

EDIT: I'd love to read an article about Anima!


I agree. Overall the V being used as a command prompt arrow is genius!

Maybe in place of the loading there could also be one with a blinking thick cursor like the command line?


This is why I stopped iterating and wanted to share. Didn't think of this. Lemme see what I can do 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I'm curious! 😎

Maybe the V can turn in a way that one side of the V becomes the cursor (it splits during the turning). Just an idea :)


Even better idea with the blinking cursor! This connects even more to the developmer-terminal-feeling.


I'm definitely drawn to the loading and pulse 1...I think the sweet spot might be somewhere between or combined.



I like Pulse 1, and I would love "Loading..." if it didn't have the word "loading" scrolling across. Let me crudely mock up the keyframes in ASCII here, that's what you wanted, right?

// open is the same
// v transition
// dots appear/pulse
// dots disappear
// v transition happens in reverse

Interesting! Not very difficult to do given what I've got so far...


Option 1. Nice and smooth, requires the lowest amount of eye strain to comprehend.

I like the animation of option 5 and 6 but using npm exclusively is alienating. Maybe if we have npm, gem, composer, helm, etc; sure.


Your comment about eye strain makes sense actually, there's a lot of quick movement that makes your brain work hard.... interesting. Also yeah NPM could be a bit alienating now that you mention it...


If you want to use the clever link between the V and a command prompt, why not do a classic CLI loading animation? I'm thinking of the spiny bars (-\¦/-...) or the newer walking dots (github.com/sindresorhus/ora)


The NPM ones are making some assumptions that everyone here is a web dev. :P


yeah true - sorry it's just a command I'm most familiar with and wanted to try. is there a command that's more universal?


Just saying there are Python and Go developers, DevOps engineers, people who primarily do C++ API's or whatever.

NPM is specific to JavaScript. And usually web specific at that.

The other ones are cool, though!

I'd say, npm is specific to npm. There are web developers who use yarn or pnpm as well. :)

The Node Package Manager is, in fact, specific to JavaScript.


I like the idea of the command prompt. What if after rotating the V you zoom out (so it becomes tiny) and a command is executed which then makes output scroll to the bottom. So the black dev rectangle is like a tiny computer terminal. It could end with the big DEV text eventually appearing on the screen.


That's interesting - although the logo is small enough, I'm not sure I can make it work, but I might try that. What command would you recommend?


If it's tiny enough you can't make up the command which was entered. But maybe something like

> make community

The first one is very original, I like it. But honestly the Pulse 1 just looks better.

I don't really like the "npm run dev" idea because it gives the impression that this is a node.js community. Why not "go dev", "python dev", or "php artisan dev" ?


I like Pulse 1. Simple and subtle.

The others look really nice, but I think they're just a bit too "busy" for a loader icon. They might work well for a splash screen that shows the animation once, but on a loop, they strike me as a bit too much. Part of this is because they are fairly long animations which might not complete by the time the background loading finishes, and I wouldn't want to miss the end of the animation!


haha true yep - and I sortof agree - the simplest pulsing animation conveys that something's happening while also not making your eye work too hard...


Pulse 1 is my favorite. Not a huge fan of the npm run ones, but the "loading" one is pretty good too!


I like the first Loading one or Pulse 1. While npm is clever and gave me a chuckle, I don't think it's appropriate. Unless they are sponsoring or you're promoting them in some way.


No sponsor or anything no, just what I'm used to using and wanted to try out.


Loading or Pulse1 . I don't like the npm inclusion in the others on a platform meant to discuss any number of stacks.


The others are very creative but pulse 1 feels the best.


I like the first LOADING... icon, but that could get distracting fast. The pulse is very easy on the eyes and unobtrusive. Definitely the first pluse. The faster one causes me some anxiety.


The first one - Loading. I don't like the pulse style in general and the npm run ones are suggest DEV is platform specific or has preference towards a particular platform.


Definitely 1

I also like it because it looks like a generic loader.


I like the first one or the pulsing dev 1 - now we just need a real dev.to CLI tool... 😂


Could you make Loading... just the > and the ... ? Might like that :)


Pulse 1 is the most eye comforting, but I got to say that it reminds me a little too much of the facebook loading spinner.


I like pulse 1 the best, I would love NPM run v1 because I think it's super clever but it's a bit too fast for me so it ends up being a bit dizzy.


My favorite one is "Phase One". It's simple, yet efficient, and not too quick compared to "Phase Two".


Definitively the first one: loading!

Clever way to swap the V to make it look like the command line invite!


First one is great. I don't like the npm run versions.


Loading Icon, the first one. Although would prefer a cleverer animation instead of the loading text


Pulse 1 or 2. All others are a bit too much, maybe.


I like a the speed of Pulse 2 but with the frames of Pulse 1! I can almost hear the dance music beat but the reset/loop point feels harsh to me.


The first option but without LOADING. Just dots please. It still conveys the message.


You should listen to your lady friend... Obviously!


They are great but could use a little bit more of "easing". Seem too linear ;)


The Loading one.

The npm ones are too much tech-specific, and the Pulse ones seem quite plain. The V-to-command prompt is brilliant!


Loading... GIF... what is this, 1997?

Isn't this HTML and CSS' job now? ESPECIALLY given the simplicity of all the one's shown?


Sure, it could be built with HTML and CSS, I guess I chose the word "GIF" as it's the most universally understood term, especially for developers who aren't web developers.

I had all the intentions of building this in HTML and CSS when you guys voted for the best one, like I did in this post here, but just haven't had the time yet :(

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