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More remote developer teams launched this week! Chingu Weekly 104  

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥Voyage-16 starts this week! Here we gooo! For anyone who wants to join in the future, check out

🔥Have a look at Kevin F's Tonic fitness app

🔥brunabarbosa made this app called MyBook. Check it out here

🔥Darko wrote an article called Improving your (Web) Dev Foo.

🔥Throwback: Here's a project done by a team a few years ago in a Chingu Voyage: Do-More by Nicolas BG, louisf, dpbrinkm. 
This application provides users a clean and simple tool to organize their daily activities, improve productivity and speed up internet searches.

Overheard in Chingu

Random lines taken out of context from the Chingu community.

What does your name mean? Mel Gibson stole my name
try to identify what is getting you stuck and solve that. it might seem mundane or unimportant or even unrelated to coding but since it is impeding your progress…. It is now your focus.
you're talking in riddles, sir
I really should be getting ready for sleep but then I would have to be responsible
backend is where I spend most of my time. I really like js. My style skills are not great so usually I try to find people to do projects with that compliment my weaknesses. Mainly I really freaking hate CSS
I would love to make my passion my job.
This is the first step to learn how to code
I read, surf and of course code
"I am jack off all trades but a master of none" Thats a good and a bad thing at the same time but I enjoy being this kind of generalist.

Resources of the week

From @ola

"I stumbled across this great blog. Here is an article about getting started with using code challenges for learning test driven development"

From Apprentice to Master: how to learn TDD aka Test Driven Development

"And another article about creating a mind map when you are pair programming with someone:"

Meme to go


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