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Chingu Weekly Vol. 96 — Voyage 11 Project Phase Sets Sail

Chingu Weekly Vol. 96 — Voyage 12 Project Phase Sets Sail

🙏 We are thankful that Chingu’s in the path of Hurricane Dorian are safe!

🎉 Voyage 11 Sprint 2 starts today!

🎉 Voyage 12 starts on September 12th!

Shout-outs & Showcases

Take a look at soreg’s experiment at using horizontal dragging to navigate between pages. It’s a good example of thinking outside the box to explore innovative navigation techniques.

Nek has been hard at work on a Netflix-type clone that uses data from IMDB. Check it out.

And Nellie (our own Pythonista) has been working on a chatbot.

Overheard in Chingu

What’s the purpose of life?

That’s a weird one, even when i was on a 4gb machine CRA never gave me these issues on Arch which is basically like what you’re using

Yeeah no responsive design yet. I will fix that some day. Probably next week sometime

Depends very much on what you need to accomplish. Without media queries, you may have to resort JavaScript to achieve responsive goals. It would likely be much more complicated

Any feedback is appreciated. Its still buggy for sure

I like the animation on star!!! looks eye catching

Idk how you’re determining if the content is rendered on the view. Why are you not using state?

Thanks. I think I am going to have to write shallow render tests for each component then.

this is going to quickly snowball into that tagging game i can see it now

What are you smiling about, Tin? Does my misery amuse you? Haha

Does anyone know what causes this bootstrap bug?

My last name is like the third most common in my country

The conditional statement works, but for some reason every time the page refreshes it shoots you to the top

Resources of the week

Checkout the first of what are hopefully many video’s to come from John Meade (jmwebdev)! In this video he shares how to a Horizontal Parallax technique. This should be of interest to Voyage 11 Tier 1’s who implemented vertical parallax in the Pre-Work Solo Project.

Chingu of the Week

It’s always difficult to choose Chingu’s who have helped out their fellow Chingu’s with problems and questions since our community is built on helping out one another. However this week we want to recognize syntax & jnmorse for their efforts to help others. Well done!

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