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Chingu Weekly Update Vol. 124

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News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Reminder: Voyage 26 will be starting on January 4, 2021

🔥 Friend of Chingu Florin Pop has teamed up with Brad Traversy to create a new course. Check it out here!

🔥 As always, we’re matching people for pair-programming sessions this week. Checkout #chingu-news in Discord to find the link to sign-up!

Overheard in Chingu

Hi Everyone! I’m working on some kind of program to defeat Impostor Syndrome for programmers and need some help with research. I need some volunteers who distress from Impostor Syndrome, I will credit your aid in the research if you want or you can entirely be anonymous.

I maintain that we all suck at it, it’s supposed to be hard. Coding is thinking you’re a hopeless idiot 90% of the time and a genius the other 10%.

Yea i was feeling down because I didn’t know sucking at it was part of the job

I get the feeling when I can’t solve something. Like in design reviews I couldn’t find a flaw while rest of the team finds it and starts discussing. I watch some motivational songs and youtube videos to pump up my self esteem. Then I am fine for few days.

they are different foo && bar() will return a boolean true/false, foo ? bar() : null will return either bar() when foo is truthy or null when it is falsy

Coding Goals Make an awesome product with Chingu. And finish my master’s thesis.

which technologies would I use to create the infrastructure to have people log in to an app and it display content for that user? I’m trying to work on the Journal app and add that functionality now that I finished my Voyage. My guess is to connect Auth0 to a database and that would be it. Is that correct?

hey everyone, I submitted my solo project for v26, how can I know if I my project as good enough to join the cohort? thanks very much

Coding History I haven’t been coding very long, off and on for close to a year. I know some Java, a bit of C++ and Swift, and am working on becoming proficient with HTML, CSS, and JS.

Strengths My strength is learning new technologies. I am driven to be better tomorrow than I am today.

After getting motivated by Rick Astley, I got cured

Resources of the Week

9 Popular GitHub Repos For Every Web Developer by Simon Holdorf

9 Popular GitHub Repos For Every Web Developer

Quotes to Go

Before you Go!

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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