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Chance for Chingu

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Chingu Weekly Update Vol 123

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Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 As always, we’re matching people for pair-programming sessions this week. Checkout #chingu-news in Discord to find the link to sign-up!

🔥 Be sure to check out #chingu-news for updates on technical round tables and other events to join each week.

🔥 Check out these useful Developer roadmaps:


Overheard in Chingu

i have a user where i want to display the league that user is in

I am oncall and tomorrow is Diwali — It’s like Indian Christmas

I can’t decide if I want to plant a tree or get the shirt. I probably don’t need another shirt.

No wonder Google has to shut down so many products

What’s new in Canada today?

Just finished my BBQ

German beer > Irish beer

Hey Everybody! I’m really excited at work to be starting two different platforms from scratch. I want to really hit documentation hard with these platforms. That being said, is anybody using a automatic JS documentation package that they actually like?

oh no… my pepe emotes are not usable in other servers now ;_; I have lost something so dear to my heart sad music plays PEPE!

Why not move to Germany?


Yeah and I am in restaurant business, so spikes won’t be that huge. Just gotta be ready for the worst

it’s same as that except i’m just querying the user

Thank you both for saving me a bunch of time. I’m not so good when it comes to recursion.

so you have to find a man that wants to be married with 40 cats

Resources of the Week

Preventing Developer Burnout in the Age of Rapid Software Delivery:

Preventing Developer Burnout in the Age of Rapid Software Delivery

Quote to Go

Before you Go!

You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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