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Chance for Chingu

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Chingu Weekly Update Vol. 121

Build, build, build!

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥 Welcome Kodingo Voyagers!

🔥The new Explorers adventure launched last week!

🔥 @nellie wrote part 2 of her double linked linked list article. Have a look here!

🔥 Check out this article titledInitialize the Scaffolding of a Web Project by @masihtak !

🔥 A big congrats to @honey for getting a promotion to Senior Frontend Technical Lead at her company!

Overheard in Chingu

first we must celebrate the great pine tree then we will move on to consumerism heart day

I am oncall and tomorrow is Diwali

you just asked 50 questions

What’s creepy about being in Germany?

we could smuggle you in

there’s this amazing joke: “the best part about being a programmer is being able to work from anywhere”

“the worst part? being able to work from anywhere”

oh no… my pepe emotes are not usable in other servers now ;_; I have lost something so dear to my heart sad music plays PEPE!

I feel like I’m normally up to food shenanigans when I’m summoned hehe

I manually write my readme’s. The same is true for code comments. I used to be a prolific code commenter, but over the years have converted to relying on good variable names and SOLID principles to make sure the code is readable and maintainable. At the end of the day my opinion is that well written, readable code is more valuable than comments.

he has to marry me, 40 cats, make waffles everyday, cook tea all the time

I’m doing well I’m making lasagna right now

I’m more a detective than a developer

Resources of the Week

Clean up your code tips:

Clean up your code by applying these 7 rules ⚡️

Quotes to Go

Before you Go!

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