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Chance for Chingu

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Chingu Weekly Update Vol. 119 — here comes another project showcase!

Chingu Weekly Update Vol. 119 — here comes another project showcase!


📆 The Explorer 2 cohort will be starting on November 2nd! For anyone who wants to complete project from start to finish, feel free to apply at

🚀 It is time for more teams from around the world to come together and build. Voyage 25 launches today!


Shout-outs, Shout-outs, Shout-outs!

🔥 The month of Hacktoberfest has concluded, and a BIG shout-out to everyone to jumped into the coding-mix and participated!



C First of Her Name







Arun 7






🔥 Shout-out to everyone who have been working on the Chingu Quiz Moonshot project!




C First of Her Name






Overheard in Chingu

your coolness is so high it caused an integer overflow which makes it appear as though it is low but in reality your coolness just could not fit inside the bounds of the variable type that holds it

The first shirt we wear. The other shirts, we hold in our hearts….

what! your country is also giving versions to lockdowns?

well they call it “Lockdown Light” so it’s more like a demo version

listen….i was promised certain things when i decided to containerize the apps

because of lockdown 2.0 we have 2 more delivery services around now

so young — young like a baby

Emergency can be anything. Earthquakes, fire or low battery

Hey you guys working on the Chingu-quiz or other projects, who will get the longest row of t-shirts. (It has to be divided by 4 i.e. 12 PR / 4 = 3 T-shirts). I know it won’t be me, Who is the hot-shot Chinguee, wanna play?

My biggest goal currently is to get a job as a Junior Developer, having the chance to put what I’ve learnt in real-world application and having the opportunity to grow with a team.

This is the biggest dataset my solver is able to compute currently. 500 facilities gives me “No memory available”. I need to optimise that, and also the time needs to be optimised, took 5 mins to reach this.

Resources of the Week

We’ve all heard of Unsplash, the wondrous collection of free images.

Check out Coverr, the Unsplash for background video clips!

Quotes to Go

To think about: Are You Showing Up at the Table?

The start of a project comes with a lot of excitement and energy. But as it progresses some of the novelty wears off and we notice that members of a team sometimes loose some of their enthusiasm.

In this respect it’s just like starting a new job. You eager at the beginning because its something new, but over time it becomes routine.

In the middle sprints we often see team members who don’t communicate with one another, don’t complete the tasks they’ve agreed to finish, and don’t show up for team meetings. These are all danger signals for the team since they directly impact your ability to finish your project.

As a Team Member you’ve made a commitment to not just finish the project, but to do so in a way that you can use the experience you gain when to boost your career. For this reason it’s important to be able to point to every project as proof that you are:

  1. Results-oriented and dedicated to finishing what you start
  2. Willing to invest in improving your knowledge and value as a Developer
  3. Committed to being not just a great Developer, but a great team member
  4. A leader and not just a follower


You can learn more about Chingu & how to join us at

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