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Chingu Weekly Roundup Vol 102 - hello wonderful!

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Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash


🎉 Congratulations @honey 🐝 on the new developer contract! You've ABSOLUTELY earned this! 💯

🚀 Voyage-14 is finished & Voyage-15 is humming along.

🚀Voyage-16 starts on February 3rd. Feel free to sign-up at

💻500+ people are currently enrolled in a Chingu solo project adventure. Can't wait to see these projects!

Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥Check out this sleek product development landing page that @ sophia built!
Alt Text

📹Check out this interview with @nellie done by Mahtab Tadayon & Max Weber!

🔥@jmwebdev working with 3D & perspective in CSS. Check it out here!

🔥Check out this article by @rafaeldavish where provides tips based on his experience in a Chingu developer team: 3 Key Elements to Have a Successful Chingu Voyage

🔥THROWBACK: Here's a project done by a Chingu team a few years ago:
Acme - Sharpen Your Interview Skills
Stack:React, Node, Koa, MongoDB, webpack
Team: Heyjp, Paulina, Olga, Zsolti
Alt Text

Overheard in Chingu

Random lines taken out of context from the Chingu community.

Hello, fellow coders!
I'm afraid I have to bake waffles today
My hobbies are coding, reading and physics! Although I find myself playing with my daughter and her PJ Masks toys more often then anything else.
I understand that development is hard and why people struggle at the beginning, that is my everyday story.
I've got a Gatsby site on my backlog
As a kid, my parents moved around often, so I have lived in Belgium, Uruguay and Canada.
I find algorithms interesting. The process of breaking problems into tiny bits.
I'm from Argentina but recently moved to Italy with my family.
Fellow German! Nice to meet you
i became a testing freak lately
I'm excited. I'm going to have a "standup". I'm not sure what much more I have to say aside from my name and what I'm up to

Resources of the week

From @honey 🐝:
"Essentially a free gold mine of UI tips by the guys responsible for Refactoring UI. You'll want to read this if you want to elevate your designs. Essentially they're quick clear tips easy for anyone to use:
Steve Schoger design tips
@steveschoger has been dropping some great design tips lately so I started saving them. Really looking forward to his…

Quotes to go

Taken from @rafaeldavish 's above article
Alt Text

See you next week!

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