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Chingu Weekly 107 - job, projects, & cheetahs! 

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🎉 Congratulations @ivilili18 on getting your first job as a frontend developer!!

🚀 We're launching the Cheetah Dash cohort this week! 100+ coders from 35+ countries will go on a code adventure to build as many projects as they can in a month.

🔥 A collection of dark Visual Studio Code themes using azure colors by the legendary @ eddyw! 

🔥Andrew Sabato wrote this article called 2020 Apollo + GraphQL State Management

🔥Check out Adam Shaffer's article My favorite resources for learning web development and coding

🔥Varun wrote an article called You Know More Than You Think. Check it out! 

Overheard in Chingu

Toronto is a big tech city now
You know what I really loathe? The employers who want prospective employees to basically work for free for half a day, or even a full day. Like a "trial run"
People test on dsa , which has 0 practical value in real world
Yeah I've been casually looking at options. Amsterdam and Berlin stick out to me. Or Canada, Toronto sticks out to me.
Who you calling nerds
I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend who - oh okay
A slow one, wasted so much time on wrestling with Mongoose
I don't wanna make donuts… I wanna code.
I'd love to redo all my React projects, simply because I really struggled with them and would like to improve.
the beer or the virus?
On a lighter note I've always wanted to catch an AC game
they don't have wine in germany?

Resources of the week

From @ marekiaro

Well, this is not properly a resource, but hey, such an amazing way of making a portfolio

Meme to go


See you next week!

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