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Chingu Weekly 106

News, Shout-outs & Showcases

🔥Check out this article by Matthew Burfield called Auto deployment to and Heroku from Github

🔥A Favorite Fonts app from @ makneta! 

🔥@ nellie wrote this awesome article called Lessons from [Blue Collar - How soft skills can come from customer service experience}( 

🔥Here is an Adam Shaffer wrote called Looping over arrays and objects in JavaScript

Overheard in Chingu

Does my oldest son's wedding this Saturday count as my wife's Valentines Day present?
work for valentines day - perfect.
You know what would be nice, if github had a way to make an in between two repos system. Like, the front-end html goes through the in between, to a backend, backend stuff gets added, and that file, separate goes into the in between too. So changes just aren't all master branch, and front/back can easily compare file alterations that are done, and it's easier for either one to pull a single file over to either side without conflicts.
I actually don't buy waffles so I don't know when they go on sale.
waffles are pretentious pancakes
I'm doing a project right now and I've decided to simply make the most insanely semantic html layout for it as possible. I think I've been focused too much on visual design of a page instead of the legit straight-up content. I'm making a page like it's 1991, then I'll bring the design into current century :) 
someone find me a web dev who is a cat person!

Resource of the week

From @ kish! 

"I had a lot of trouble deploying my react-app to a Github user page (not project page) last week and found a very handy solution. It is not straightforward so I wrote a Medium article on how to do it."

Meme to go

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