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Chinemerem Ugbo
Chinemerem Ugbo

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Little did I know that I could learn so much detail and technicality in the software development field.

My interest in tech all started in 2018 when I partook in the WTEC volunteer program. Here I was training young secondary school girls about the importance of tech in their education.
Fast-forward to August, 2022, I have a first-hand mind-blowing experience in software development when I started learning Full-stack engineering at Brighter day Codelabs Academy.

It's been 2 months of topsy-turvy nerve-racking moments of intense learning, unlearning and relearning both soft and technical skills.
Transformational leadership courses, where we are being taught how to use our craft to impact the society has really affected me positively in the way i think and my interaction with people.
I have learnt a great deal in the last 2 months that I didn't even learn in 2 years (no pun intended).

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From having zero programming knowledge, I have been able to learn UI/UX design, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Typescript and project management with lots of hands-on projects to back up the knowledge.

Here are some examples:
• Slider design: In this project, I used principles of design like typography, white-spacing, colour combination and so on.
• Izigo project: Here I put my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to use. I collaborated with some great minds to build a haulage and logistics platform.

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My biggest and most challenging project so far is izigo project which was picked as a unicorn idea. I learnt how to use CSS grid. It took me a lot of time and sweat to figure out a lot of things.
Easiest project is when I created a sign-up form page.
My challenges so far have been the fast-teaching pace of my coding instructors which I find difficult to cope with sometimes. This is coupled with me finding it hard to understand lots of things at the same time. I also have issues getting the concepts of typescript, data structures and algorithm.

Night and day I'm labouring hard and sparing no effort to overcome these challenges and take advantages of opportunities in the tech space.
I'm looking at becoming a World class programmer in the space of 5 years. Who knows, I might be the next Elon Musk of Africa

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