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Hello all!

A few months back I left my job to go full-time as an Independent Product Maker. And today I am here to present my latest product:

Side Project

Side Project banner

"Side Project" aims to be a one-stop website to get new ideas for your side projects and resources to build it whether you want to choose a frontend framework, payment processor and what not. On top of that you also get a continuosly improving Launch Checklist with important things to take care of while launching.

It doesn't stop there, this is also my first paid product. Besides all the free things mentioned above, you can also buy a Side Project pack which allows you to fork the Launch checklist separately for your individual side projects. Plus, you can completely customize the checklist to suit your project. You can get 5 Side Projects for just $3! And to celebrate the launch you can get a 50% discount using the coupon "launch". So what are you waiting for? Try it now.

With this product I have experimented with a lot of stuff like Serverless functions, Netlify, Eleventy, Preact, Gumroad, payments, security, Accessibility, Product design and lots of other things. I'll probably write separate posts on that. It was fun build this mini product. If you have questions on how it was built or the tech behind it, feel free to comment or ask on twitter.

Oh and Side Project is on ProductHunt today, if you want to show some love there :)

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The checklist is awesome!

I would surely have missed adding Terms and Privacy Policy while launching the project I am working on. Thanks :)

On a side note, you can check out

As you would see, it is a platform for remote-first product makers and enthusiasts. I think sideproject.app/ might be a good addition there. Do add it there when we launch it within a week.


Awesome idea - I'm heading over there right now to check it out!

BTW - you are much braver than I would be