Learn Frontend, the right way

chinchang profile image Kushagra Gour ・1 min read

Hello devs!

Do you want to learn Frontend development, the right way?

I present to you, the first-ever tweet-sized course -> https://twitter.com/i/moments/1187229313579438080

This course is an attempt to share my 8+ years of learnings in the field of Frontend. You'll learn to create performant and accessible web pages with a solid understanding of which web technology to use for which purpose. The course is completely available on Twitter, in the form of tweets!

2 chapters are already out. So head out to https://twitter.com/i/moments/1187229313579438080 and follow along with the chapters.

Happy learning! 😃


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this is so cool. I wonder if you already have plan for the upcoming chapter, I wish i can see table of content for upcoming chapter


Yes, few next chapters are planned. I'll try to put it up somewhere


Interesting approach but bold statement to call it "the right way"