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Discussion on: How do you make it easier to search through version control for deleted code?

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Kyle Chilcutt

Get really familiar with your version control system! Here's some tips for git:

  1. Always write good, descriptive commit messages, this helps set up later tips.
  2. When you think you know what the commit message contains:
    • git log --grep "<search>" # search logs for string
  3. When you can't find what you want in the log, but know what some of the code said:
    • Use the pickaxe to search content: git log -S"<search>" # search content for string
    • Need something better? Use the pickaxe with a regex: git log -G"<regex>" # search content for regex
  4. When you can't find it in the log, don't know the commit message, but remember where the file was:
    • git log -- <path_to_file> # show logs of file path
  5. When all else fails, get your hands dirty:
    • git log -p # show logs with content