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WebGL 3D simulation

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First of all I'd like to say "Hi!" to everybody from my first post and thank you for being such a good community.

I'd like you to explain my situation

I recently started creating 3D WebGL simulation for my Bachelor's thesis. Sounds fun right? I'll have to simulate autonomic car on highway stuck between truck convoy.


  • WebGL
  • 3D models

My skill set

I'm working as Frontend Angular Dev. I have pretty solid experience in JavaScript (around 2 years).

I also poked around PIXI.js rendering engine a little

More about work right now :)

I was advised to use Blender. So I created this handsome boi:

Blender truck

Blender model

I exported collada and used CubicVR.js to render my model in WebGL.


WebGL rendered model via CubicVR - availible here

I will continue on creating some more models and scenery. Later I will join these models with some nice differential equations. Then I will do some magic and avoid collisions!


I'd like to ask what are my possibilities from you guys, who have experience in this field.

  • Are there any other programs worth trying to create 3D models?
  • Should I keep using CubicVR or are there any better engines?
  • What should I read/study/try?

Thank you for any advice!


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