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Workshop para o GDG

Amanda Cavallaro
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Contato da Amanda Cavallaro:

Faça-me perguntas:


Construa chatbots com dialogflow:

Construa ações para o Google Assistente:

Construa um chatbot responsivo e customizado no Google Cloud:

Conteúdo Extra Criado Por Amanda:

Crie Actions para o Google Assistente -

Actions Builder com Leitura e Escrita Firebase -

GitHub logo amdcaruso / firebase-read-write

Write/ read to a firebase real time database from AoG

IWD21 Action

You can find the fulfillment (the code that contains the logic for your Action. A webhook triggers calls to your fulfillment based on events that occur within your Actions) to write and read to a firebase real time database from the Actions Builder.

Brazilian Portuguese video explaining the code: Watch the video


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