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Amanda Cavallaro
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Speaking at a Twitter Space

Have you seen Twitter Spaces before? It is a relatively new way to have live audio conversations with a group of people on Twitter.

@eddiejaoude invited me to speak at "Creating content like a pro" on Twitter Spaces.

I was a little anxious because the share button content was just to a "reminder" to join. I am so used to having a link to some actual call.

So when the clock stroke 17:30 there I was ready to click at the top of twitter space on the twitter app on my android phone.

I clicked to request speaker privileges and Eddie promptly accepted it. If at any time I no longer want this privilege I can click on the gear and select "switch to listening".

I started exploring the UI and seeing if I could...perhaps speak on the chat? There is no chat! Oh but there are reactions, ok that is familiar! There are live captions which is also great for accessibility!

The very first seconds I thought to myself: how does it work? How will I know when it's my turn to talk? How will I know I am not speaking over someone else?

To my good surprise Eddie started guiding us, asking us to introduce ourselves and whenever there was a question from the audience, Eddie would promptly keep track of the speakers who unmuted themselves and get back to them after the other speaker gave their response.

I must say I enjoyed this type of interaction because even if you are a "speaker" it is a conversation so I could learn a lot from the others as well!

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Eddie Jaoude

Thank you! I am looking forward to next time!