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Web Surgery - Ep.5 - Updating the look of the Animal Crossing Item Wishlist Website

cheukting_ho profile image Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍 ・1 min read

Continue with the last episode, we make more changes to the look of the website: fix the pictures of the items and icons of the social media. We have more or less got a website that we want - we may add more functionality in the future, tell me what you suggest at my Twitch. We will be ready to add the Netlify CMS to our website next time.

I used the Turnip Exchange to play with strangers online. Also, Nookazon is "Amazon" for Animal Crossing, we may also use it to find the items that we want.

The code is work in progress but if you want to check it out, it will be uploaded and updated in this repo

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