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Python Zero to Hero - Ep.19 - Python type hinting

Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍
DevRel πŸ₯‘ for TerminusDB. EuroPython Board member. Organizer of London Python Sprints and AI Club for Gender Minorities. Pythonista. Speaker and master of Lightning Talk!
・1 min read

Python is dynamically typed, which makes it very easy to learn for beginners. However, there are many reasons why we would like to annotate the type of variables in our code. In this episode, we will explore those scenarios and look at how type hinting works in Python. If you have any questions or any suggestions about which Python topics to cover, please leave your comment at my Twitch channel

You can get the slide deck here and the example code and homework form GitHub here. Ask questions at my Twitch channel

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