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I did it!

Chethana Gopinath
CS grad student at SUNY Binghamton | Tech enthusiast | Budding problem-solver | Baker
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Hello fellow devs,

There is no feeling to describe my emotions when my 4th PR was merged today. This is my first time participating in Hacktoberfest, and my first time not being scared and seeing something through to the end.

My contributions were as follows

  1. Fixing up the alignment on the Sign In page:

  2. Removing extra pagination:

  3. Added a field to admin interface:

  4. Wrote tester functions within a rake task:

Lessons learnt

Always read through the and first PR was my toughest one. Even though it was a really simple UI fix, since I missed to follow a couple of steps on the, I got into a lot of trouble in terms of setting up the environment.

If you are stuck, you need only ask. Putting this into my head took me ages - I usually suffer in silence and try to work my way out of things by myself, but sometimes, you just gotta get some help. A couple of months ago, I ended up giving up on an issue because of this same reason.

The opensource community is very inviting and nurturing. This is exactly the reason why I was able to finish all my PRs.

A couple of lessons for my Ruby on Rails friends here

  • rake routes is your forever friend.
  • Always be careful when setting up the DB part of your app(whether it is MySQL or PostGRES or anything else. It is also helpful to look up Docker.
  • Always take a look at your Gemfile and also when you start working with an issue, if there's a gem involved, take a look at the documentation of the gem. This will save you a lot of time!

To the rest of you who are working on the challenge, you got it. There's still time and even if you don't finish, you can always work on it next month. After all, there shouldn't be one single month that we should set aside for contributing to open source!

Discussion (7)

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Lakshya Thakur • Edited

Congratulations :D. This was my first time for HacktoberFest too. Quite a learning. Wrote a blog in a gify fashion to depict my journey as well.

chethanagopinath profile image
Chethana Gopinath Author

Congrats to you too! I checked out your post, very very creative!! Kudos! 💫

isarisariver profile image

How did you find the issues you worked on? I always feel like such a dummie when I look at open issues. It almost takes me longer to find an issue than working on it :)

chethanagopinath profile image
Chethana Gopinath Author

Thank you so much! :) ohh, you have no idea, I picked beginner issues just to ease into things, but I was literally stuck with database errors, set up issues and so much more for quite some time. Almost gave up, cause I had coursework pending, but then bounced right back. Quite a test of resilience this!

isarisariver profile image

Thanks. Good to hear I'm not alone :)

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Ahmed Rebai

Congratulations Man :), I have 3 PR are merged until now, but I have a question, they told me that is in review and I will be waiting until 14 days, so I don't have any chance to win?

chethanagopinath profile image
Chethana Gopinath Author • Edited

To reduce the amount of spammy PRs and to uphold the quality of PRs, each PR has a maturity period during which it could be reviewed and either marked as invalid or accepted. So during this maturity period of PRs, maintainers will check the quality of each PR. :)
So once the maturity period is over, your PR will either be accepted/rejected. Also, the criteria for your PR to count towards HacktoberFest is that you should have opened between October 1 and October 31.

And don't worry, HacktoberFest is not about winning or losing. If you contribute, you win! :)