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🌈Omkar DevTools: A Swiss Army knife for Ninja Developers🚀

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Maybe you just know PowerToys. It's a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity.

DevTools is more or less the same thing, but for developers.


Before Omkar DevTools, you must be using a lot of online tools on different sites.

Every time you need to remember the url of the tool, or open Notion to find my notes about the tools and I wasted a lot of times.

Not any more with Omkar DevTools you can access a number of tools in one Dashboard.

At the moment there a lot of tools available inside Omkar DevTools:

  • JSON to YAML
  • YAML to JSON
  • Base64 Encoder
  • UUID Generator
  • Secret Key Generator
  • Hash Generator
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator
  • JWT Decoder
  • Number Base Converter
  • HTML Encoder and Decoder
  • URL Encoder and Decoder
  • GZIP Compressor/Decompressor
  • Color Blindness Simulator
  • File Hash Generator
  • Base64 File Encoder
  • Case Convertor
  • Text Counter
  • Json Duplicate Remover

How to use DevTools

You can easily use Omkar Tools by visiting


Final Thoughts

Try Omkar Devtools at

I am curious to hear your thoughts in the Comments about Omkar DevTools.

Dhanyawad 🙏

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