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Chetan Atrawalkar👉CA.
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🎯 Level Up JavaScript Skills By Building Games.

JavaScript is mainly used for web-based applications and web browsers. But JavaScript is also used beyond the Web in software, servers and embedded hardware controls. Here are some basic things JavaScript is used for:

  • Adding interactive behavior to web pages
  • Creating web and mobile apps
  • Building web servers and developing server applications
  • Game development

In this article will share some interesting games to level up your javascript skills from zero to hero.
⏩ Here some best open source JavaScript games. As the source code of these games is publicly available so it allows you to get an understanding of the actual procedure behind creating such games.

The best thing about these open source JavaScript games is that you can easily download their source code in your computer, modify it according to your needs, run it using the web browser.

1. Hextris


  • Hextris is an awesome puzzle game that is according to its developer inspired by the famous game Tetris.
  • The game steadily increases its pace as it progresses which makes it very addictive.

Source Code

GitHub logo Hextris / hextris

Fast paced HTML5 puzzle game inspired by Tetris!

2. Flexbox Froggy


  • Flexbox Froggy is the game developed. This game allows you to enter CSS styles in order to move the frog and reach the bottom where the pond is situated.
  • The game is developed simply using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS styles, and some images.

Source Code

GitHub logo thomaspark / flexboxfroggy

A game for learning CSS flexbox 🐸

3. 2048


  • 2048 is a clone of popular Play Store game 1024. Its source code is written in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • If you are familiar with these languages then I would suggest you to contribute in this stunning game and display your skills to the whole world.

Source Code

GitHub logo gabrielecirulli / 2048

A small clone of 1024 (

4. Clumsy Bird


  • Clumsy Bird is a clone of the “Flappy Bird” game and it makes use of the open source and lightweight HTML5 game engine MelonJS.
  • The game works by you controlling a flying character and the mission is to successfully pass it from in-between the incoming walls without hitting them.

Source Code

GitHub logo ellisonleao / clumsy-bird

🐦 🎮 A MelonJS port of the famous Flappy Bird Game

5. Snake Game


  • The Snake game, created using JavaScript, and The HTML5 canvas.

Source Code

GitHub logo CodeExplainedRepo / Snake-JavaScript

The Snake game, created using JavaScript, and The HTML5 canvas.

6. Tic Tac Toe

tac toe

  • Tic Tac Toe is one of the most simple and addictive available out there. This game is developed using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS for some styling.
  • The developer has made use of Google fonts to make this game more visually appealing.

Source Code

7. Canvas Tetris


  • Canvas Tetris is a really simple illustration of the Tetris game which is written in HTML5 and JavaScript to give beginner developers a basic understanding of 2D game concepts.
  • The developer has mentioned that he created this game in just 45 minutes.

Source Code

GitHub logo dionyziz / canvas-tetris

A 2D tetris game in HTML5 canvas

8. Pacman-canvas


  • Pacman-canvas is completely re-written from scratch in HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • In Pacman-canvas you have to control a character using arrow keys on the keyboard and collect the items placed in a maze while protecting yourself from enemy units.

Source Code

GitHub logo platzhersh / pacman-canvas

An old classic, re-written in HTML5.


  • JavaScript and modern browsers are improving everyday with excitingly new features that are very powerful, using javascript and HTML5 you can create breathtaking games that do not require Flash to work and it's helpful to level up your javascript skills.
  • We hope these JavaScript Games will surely give you fun and also inspire you to create something new in your next projects. Share your thoughts with me in comment section and stay tuned for more interesting articles.

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