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🎯How To Stay Focused While Coding?

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Stay focused
Every developers loves to code. It is one of the most basic parts of the job but many developer struggle with focusing and staying on task. Here's some tips to help for stay focused while coding.

1. Keep Your Desk Clean
There are a number of benefits that come from keeping a clean desk.
• Improve mental stability
• Increase productivity
• More likely to sleep better
• Improve focus
• Reduce stress
• Clean desk equals fewer sick days

2. Learn To Manage Stress
Everyone experiences stress at daily lives. However, It's important to learn manage stress and it's more helpful to improve their health and mood, And everyone knows good mood good productivity. As well as help to boosting their immune system.
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3. Practice Meditation And Mindfulness
Meditation and Mindfulness can help programmers to stay focus and reduce stress, and help create new neuronal pathways in the brain. Meditating can change the structure and function of the brain through relaxation, which can:

• Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
• Increase focus and learning concentration
• Improve memory and attention span
• Build stronger immune system and greater physical or psychological resilience

4. Listen Music When You Work
Music can help to keep the brain alert and prevent it from switching off.
Music can also be a motivator. If someone listens to epic soundtracks while working, they might be inspired to complete a big project.

5. Separate Your Code And Your Life
When your coding life is balanced, you will feel happier and more productive.
There are many reasons why separating your code and your life is so important.
• To maintain your mental health.
• Separating your personal life from your coding life can also increase your work productivity.
• More Relaxation and Less Burnout.
• Never Miss Out Memorable Moments of Life.
• Improve Overall Health and Well-being

6. Turn Off Social Media Notification
If your work does not require you to be online on social media platforms because while working social media notification distract you.

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