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Chetan Atrawalkar👉CA.
Chetan Atrawalkar👉CA.

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😃 Add Emoji Picker To An Input Field In React App [Easy way].

😯 Simple And Easiest way to add an emoji picker to your React app.

Emojis are now such an essential part of how we communicate that we simply can’t afford to leave them out of our applications. They add an extra dimension to how we express ourselves in our day-to-day interactions that can be otherwise difficult to do with text only🤪.

▶️ How to add an emoji picker to your React App.

I’m using react-input-emoji the best solution from my opinion.

  • React InputEmoji provides a simple way to have an input element with emoji picker support. Click the picker button next to the input field and select an emoji from the popup window. Done! emoji

💠 Let's Checkout....

Step 1 :- Install

You can get it on npm.
npm install react-input-emoji --save

Step 2 :- Usage

After install import the react-input-emoji component to display your input with emoji.

import React, { useState } from 'react'
    import InputEmoji from 'react-input-emoji'

    export default function Example () {
      const [ text, setText ] = useState('')

      function handleOnEnter (text) {
        console.log('enter', text)

      return (
          placeholder="Type a message"
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Output ⏬.


Click Here For More Details.

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lukeshiru profile image

Any reason your recent posts have the comment section disabled? I wanted to suggest improvements to your "pro" code and I wasn't able to, which feels kinda shady.

chetan_atrawalkar profile image
Chetan Atrawalkar👉CA. Author

It's Easy And Useful Way 🤗😀