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Polyfill for Array.reduce() Javascript

cheragv profile image Cherag Verma ・1 min read

Just wrote a code for polyfill reduce() in JavaScript, thought I will share it will you all.

Array.prototype.myReduce = function(fn, initial) {
    let values = this;

    values.forEach(item => {
        initial = initial !== undefined ? fn(initial, item) : item

    return initial;

Using the above

var values = [2, 5, 5]
values.reduce((a, b) => a * b)  // 50
values.myReduce((a, b) => a * b)  // 50

I have dry tested it for multiple outputs. Do let me know if there can be any improvements.


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sagar profile image

thanks for posting the polyfill of the reducer. it will help me to crack interviews.