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Top 10 Chrome Extensions that make your work easy as Developer

Today, I will share with you a list of top 10 must-have Chrome extensions that'll make your life easier as a web developer:

1 - CSSViewer : It allows to show the CSS properties of element on any webpage .
CSSViewer Extension

2 - WhatFont : It permets to identify fonts (family, size, weight and colour)used on any web pages.

whatFont Extension

3 - Window Resizer : It helps to resize any screen to a range of popular screen sizes

window resizer extension

4 - GoFullPage : It allows to capture a whole website page in a single go

gofullpage Extension

5 - Page Ruler : It helps to measure the height , width and position of any element on web pages.

Page Rule Extention

6 - Web Developer Checklist: It analyses any web page for violations of best practices .

Web Developer Checklist Extension

7 - : It’s a news aggregator , that allows to get the latest news and blogs posts in one place . Extension

8 - ColorZilla : It allows to identify the combinations or individual colours on a web page fastly.


9 - Lorem Ipsum Generator: It creates filler text for demo websites .

Lorem Ipsum Generator Extention

10 - Clear Cache:It permit to clear cache and browsing data with a single click of a button.

Clear Cache Extension

Do you use other Chrome Extension ? share it with us.

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