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6 Techniques to manage your time effectively.

Time management is one of the most skills demanded now. It's essential for everyone from students to bosses. There are many strategies and techniques that keep you master this skill.

1. Create a list.
Create a list, it's important to know all tasks and activities you want to make them. So the first step is making a list which should be collected all your tasks. you can use paper and pen, a calendar, an application or a tool mobile.

2. Prioritize tasks.
Prioritize tasks, when writing your tasks, always prioritize what's important to you. Decide which activities are urgent and which have the most impact on yourself and your work. There will be some taches which are urgent and can be done quickly. While other urgent jobs may be bigger and need a long time to achieve them. Having a list of tasks is useful to keep focused and make sure nothing is missed. Besides, it's a good feeling when you ticked off your taches as completed.

3. Delegate the no-important tasks.
Delegate the no-important tasks, sometimes we can't do all things that are required, because it can be damaging and create stress and anxiety so, you should delegate no-important taches to another person to help you and also support your work development.

4. keep focused and stop distractions.
keep focused and stop distractions, there are many things that distract us every moment such as email alerts, social media notifications, and phone messages. All those things waste our time a lot. Staying focused can be difficult, however, there are a few things we can do to help, for example, put the phone away, and turn off social media notifications.

5. Time Blocking.
Time Blocking, sometimes we want to make several tasks at one time but, we fail to finish any one. the solution to this situation is to keep focused on one task at a time until completed and go to the second task.

6. Take a break.
Take a break, for our health and well-being, it's essential to plan into your daytime for regular breaks. these should be away from your work to recharge and clean your mind. Those breaks should include healthy food and drinks besides, chatting or making contact with other people.

In short, creating a list, prioritising and delegating tasks, keeping focused, time blocking, and taking a break are the essential techniques to manage your time effectively.

Do you have other techniques?

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James Schleigher

Great post. Focus on the important tasks is not easy. That's why I like to make a to-do list of what I need to do the day before. This helps to keep me focused and productive. I like to use task management software like Trello and Quire.