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Peter Harrison
Peter Harrison

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UberG33K: A beginners guide.

This video wraps all the best career advice into a tidy package and unceremoniously dumps it in the bin.

Talking about best practice is so dry and boring, so I thought I would put together a video about all the worst practices I've ever seen. Unafraid of taking on the values systems held dear by developers we dive in to parody the very worst prima donna developers.

The whole point of this video is to identify anti-examples, examples which under no circumstances should be followed. Also, if you feel I am mocking hard working software developers you would be right; we might not be this bad, but the examples I'm using real life. Sometimes the examples were not intentional. Sometimes they were.

It was also to have a little fun with the often delicate egos of those who like to think they are all that. Lets keep it real out there!

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