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Peter Harrison
Peter Harrison

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Software Samurai

Verse 1:
In the realm of code, I stand tall
A Software Samurai, unafraid of it all
My intellect sharp, my wit precise
No bug can escape my eagle eyes

I am the Software Samurai
Cutting through problems, I never say die
My unit tests, they shine so bright
Leaving clean code, a glorious sight

Verse 2:
Refactoring my blade, I hone my skills
Debugging battles, I fight until fulfilled
Elegant design, my fluid moves
In collaboration, my team approves

(Repeat Chorus)

A quest for perfection, I'll never cease
Delivering products, a masterpiece
In the digital dojo, I stand my ground
A Software Samurai, forever bound

(Repeat Chorus)

No problem can defeat me, I stand tall
A Software Samurai, coding above all
My legacy lives on, in every line
Forever sharp, forever mine

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