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re: Thanks for the feedback, Peter. I agree that a job interview should not be a terrifying experience for anyone. It also makes sense that, if you wan...

Good to hear they stopped the brain teasers. A few years ago I had a developer tell me they had actually interviewed with me previously and failed. It seemed my own interview method resulted in a good candidate being excluded.

Developers tend to invest in their own intellect and ego, and so we must guard against an unintentional approach which signals the superiority of the interviewer over applicant.

I sincerely hope Google or others are not quite as intimidating as it appeared to be described.

Here, here. Even after I failed the interview in 2011, I still enjoyed the process and became a better engineer as a result. Of course, Google has some jerks same as any other company, but they are definitely the exception and not the norm.

I love the people I work with at Google, and that's easily the best part about working there. A non-trivial number of us either have struggled or continue to battle with imposter syndrome actually!

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